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Happy Wednesday, sweet friends!

I hope this post finds you well and ready for a brand new month!  I love November for so many reasons- cooler weather, the holiday season has begun, and of course Thanksgiving!

For the past few years now, I have hosted Thanksgiving, and I love doing it!  My family makes it easy on me and provides all the sides and desserts.  I am responsible for the turkey and gravy…and I don’t see that responsibility leaving me for a long time, if ever!  My family raves about the turkey and gravy I make all year long and it feels good to be able to provide such a comforting and meaningful meal my family enjoys!  I think I have found the secret to the best turkey ever- and it’s to brine it!  Look for my turkey recipe next week on the blog!

This week however I am again joining a great group of decor blogging friends to bring you a blog hop filled with Thanksgiving tablescape inspo!  If you want to see some other amazing and inspiring tablescapes, you can find links to their blogs at the end of this post!

Now onto the inspo for my Thanksgiving tablescape.  When I think about the holidays, I feel warmth, comfort, and gratitude.  I try to keep this time as stress free, precious, and family focused as possible.  It’s super important to me not to get frazzled and just enjoy- that’s what it’s all about!  That’s what the true meaning of Thanksgiving is.  A time to reflect on the many blessings the Lord has graciously and lavishly given this past year.  When I think about the people, opportunities, and so many countless other gifts He has given me- I am overwhelmed.  What better way to thank my Heavenly Father than create a table displaying gratitude for His great provision.

When I prayed about this table, I was given the idea to use what I have.  Keep it simple.  When I think about all the other possible stress inducing things going on in our homes during this time of year: cooking, cleaning, taking in out of town family, hosting, etc. I want to encourage you to take a breath.  This is not about creating the most perfect, magazine worthy tablescape.  This is just an outpouring of the gratitude in your heart.  About displaying comfort and love for your family and loved ones.  This does not have to be made complicated.  We can make a gorgeous tablescape using what resources we already have, friends!

Thanksgiving tablescape, Thanksgiving table, Thanksgiving centerpiece
I had an idea of what I wanted to use for the centerpiece, so for the dishware, I choose something to compliment and enhance what I had in mind.  For the place settings, I used some gold chargers I already had from Hobby Lobby.  These were a great price at $1.99 a piece.  I then added some lovely muted green plates I borrowed from a friend!  What a great resource and blessing!  Trade dishware with friends and family to create new looks without breaking the bank!  It’s a win/win!

Thanksgiving table, Thanksgiving tablescape, Thanksgiving plate setting

Complete the look with some fresh white plates, to give it a simple and clean look.

The finishing touch for the settings was a magnolia leaf place card.  I had some leftover painted magnolia leaves from a project I had just finished, and used a gold sharpie to write out the names of those attending.  On the back I also wrote one of the things I am most thankful for when I think of them.  Being intentional and telling people what you appreciate most about them is a good idea any time of the year, but especially at Thanksgiving.  Let’s pour out gratitude for the people in our lives!

Thanksgiving plate setting, Thanksgiving centerpiece, Thanksgiving table, Thanksgiving tablescape

The table runner I have had for years and use all the time.  It creates a lovely neutral backdrop to any centerpiece.  Keep glassware simple and minimal and utensils and napkins on your island or countertop to keep this table free of clutter! The gravy boats I have had since we were married and I love the timeless look they have.

gravy boat, rustic Thanksgiving decor, Thanksgiving tablescape


Now for the star of the show- the centerpiece!  I wanted to incorporate my dough bowl as the container.  It brings such a rustic and natural feel to the table while also creating a perfect vessel to display a bountiful harvest.

pumpkins, centerpiece, Thanksgiving tablescape, Thanksgiving centerpiece

I asked the kids to go collect fallen leaves and seed pods from our magnolia tree in the back yard.  This time of year some leaves fall and dry up to make lovely muted shades ranging from golden brown to green.  It was important to me to incorporate our tree since it was what made me feel peace with this house when we first looked at it.

Thanksgiving tablescape, Thanksgiving table, Thanksgiving centerpiece

I placed pumpkins I had laying around for our fall decor in the middle.  I think the muted orange really livens and warms everything up.

Thanksgiving tablescape, Thanksgiving table, Thanksgiving centerpiece

I placed pine cones throughout which I found in one of my kid’s bicycle baskets!  My kids are nature collectors and every time we go for a walk they come home with all sorts of acorns, leaves, rocks and pine cones- so I borrowed a few 😉  It made me happy to include something that my kids had gathered.  I finished by placing some boxwood sprigs I had leftovers from a wreath I made to freshen up and complete the centerpiece.

pumpkins, dough bowl, Thanksgiving tablescape, Thanksgiving centerpiece, dough bowl centerpiece

I also used a magnolia wreath I have hanging in our front entry and plopped a white pumpkin on top to make a quick, effortless center piece for my kitchen island.  I usually serve Thanksgiving dinner buffet style and line the counter tops and island with all the assorted goodies, so this centerpiece brings a little added charm as loved ones make their plates.

magnolia wreath, pumpkin, Thanksgiving decor, Thanksgiving tablescape, Thanksgiving centerpiece


Here are a few more shots of my Thanksgiving tablescape!

Thanksgiving tablescape, Thanksgiving table, Thanksgiving centerpiece img_0502 img_0497 Thanksgiving tablescape, Thanksgiving table, Thanksgiving centerpiece Thanksgiving tablescape, Thanksgiving table, Thanksgiving centerpiece Thanksgiving plate setting, Thanksgiving centerpiece, Thanksgiving table, Thanksgiving tablescape



I hope this post inspires you to create something filled with love and gratitude for your family using from the abundance you already have.  You can use all sorts of items to recreate this look- different plates or bowls for the container, different greenery found in your backyard, and seasonal vegetables or fruit to complete the look. We are so blessed friends, in so many ways.  Let’s give thanks for our lives- there is always something to be thankful for!

For more Thanksgiving tablescape inspiration, check out the following gorgeous blog posts from my amazingly talented friends:

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May your holiday be filled with joy, praise, and love, my sweet friends!


Blessings and warmest affection…






19 thoughts on “My Grateful Table

  1. Oh, I love it all! The color scheme is gorgeous and I cannot get enough of the magnolia leaves!! You nailed it, friend!


  2. Oh Katie this is so lovely! I love all of your personal touches. My favorite is the magnolia leaves with things written on the back for each guest! SO thoughtful. You have a gift my friend!


  3. So well done, bravo! I love the idea of trading dishes with friends for a new look👌🏼 And adore the personal touch of the personalized leaves with a thoughtful message. What a beautiful place and feeling you’ve put together of gathering in gratitude.

    ♥︎ Amanda from All That’s Darling


    1. Thank you so much, girl! I feel like swapping dishes is the adult version of swapping toys or clothes when we were younger 😂
      It’s fun to share our blessings with one another!


  4. Despite the simplicity of it your tablescape is still so beautiful. I absolutely love the idea of sharing and exchanges plates with your neighbors or loved ones. Keeps everyone’s table changed up without breaking the bank. And those leaves with the message to each individual is such a wonderful idea~ Great job my friend!


    1. Thank you, Allison! I have to admit this is the third look of this table. It started out with much more but it didn’t feel right. I kept taking things away and finally this is what was left. Initially I thought it wasn’t much, but then I thought about what we are truly grateful for in life. When you strip it all away to what REALLY matters it doesn’t include all the frills life has to offer, usually, and that’s what I think this table represents to me 💛


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