Perfect Gift Idea & Jord Watch Giveaway!

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Hello, sweet friends!

It’s still warm and sunny here in Texas but that doesn’t mean I’m not already thinking about gifts for Christmas! It is my absolute favorite holiday and I’m a list maker by nature, so if you’re anything like me, that means you plan ahead, list out, and purchase gifts for loved ones in advance!  I start planning toward the end of summer and slowly start accumulating items to gift so it’s not all one big hit financially in December.

I LOVE gift giving, and here’s a not well kept secret of mine: I am known for giving Christmas gifts early.  I am AWFUL at withholding until the day of- I get too excited!

“Like, here!  Open it! It’s so amazing you’re going to LOVE it (I apparently also think I’m pretty good at selecting the right gift for each person)!”  And I sit there with the dumbest cheese grin.  I love watching someone open a gift even more than receiving gifts.

But there is one amazing guy in my life who I especially like to plan ahead for because I have THE MOST difficult time thinking of what to get him each year!

My husband Mike.

bestillblogs Jord watch

He is such a laid back, no frills kind of guy.  He is extremely funny, hard-working, and loyal.  He has some interests and hobbies, but nothing that he really collects, or puts much time into.  He is so super simple and content, so gift giving is always tough.

Each year it’s- what do I get him?!  More clothes? Another gift card to a hardware store?  I feel like I constantly get stuck in a rut when it comes to thinking of a gift that he won’t only like, but LOVE.  And it’s important to me to give him a gift he’ll love.  He is so generous with me and the kids and works hard for us, so when I select a gift for him it’s a big deal.  It’s a minor way to tell this amazing man thank you for loving us so well.

Mike Jord watch bestillblogs

While pondering what to get him this year, the wonderful people at Jord Wood Watches  reached out and introduced me to their gorgeous line of watches.

I was completely intrigued by the thought of a watch made of wood.  As someone who admires restoration of old furniture, carpentry, and wood working, my heart did a little leap as I scrolled through the vast selection.  What I love even more are all the different styles they offer.  From the super simple to standout.  From rustic, to clean, to modern- there is literally a style for each person.

Now Mike and I spend lots of time working on projects in our garage side by side.  And though he is a simple, no fuss guy, he always wears two pieces of jewelry- his wedding ring and a WAAAAATCH!


What an amazing and perfect gift for him!  Not only is this something he will use everyday, but it’s so unique!  It’s a conversational piece for sure, and I know this tugs at his “loves to work with his hands” heart strings.  He is one who can really appreciate a wood watch.

Jord Zebrawood and Sandalwood Watch bestillblogs

Details on Dover Series Zebrawood and Sandalwood Watch:

After careful consideration I ended up selecting the Dover Series Zebrawood and Sandalwood Watch.  It is just such a cool piece!  With the two different wood tones and the exposed motor face, this watch is just gorgeous to look at!

Jord Zebrawood and Sandalwood Watch white background bestillblogs

It’s handsome, rustic, and stands out in a good way- just like my hubby 🙂

I also love that the company is focused on sustainable materials and their team is made up of dreamers looking to put a product out that’s new and different.  I am all about encouraging that!

They do carry both men’s and women’s watches- so you know Mama Bear is going to be checking out a watch for herself in the near future 😉

Back to the deets on this watch!  It arrived quickly and was presented in this really cool, and weighty wooden box.  I thought the presentation was gorgeous, but then I realized the box didn’t just act as a container for the watch, it was a jewelry box as well!

Jord watch case bestillblogs

There was a little tab at the bottom and I realized it was a handle to a pull out drawer!  It’s a gift within a gift!

Jord case open bestillblogs

I am constantly getting after Mike about leaving his watch and ring in my home decor on our kitchen island so this was a perfect solution for a place to keep his items!

When you open the box you of course get your stunning watch, but you also receive an extra link and pin, an informational packet, and a cleaning cloth for the watch.

Jord watch inserts bestillblogs

The watch itself was surprisingly light! I was actually shocked at how light it was!  I guess I expected it to be pretty weighty since it was made of wood, but the wood used in their watches are known to be light weight which is extremely practical for watch material.  You don’t want to be wearing anything heavy on your wrist while you work or move about your day!

The two toned band is so handsome and the double clasp closure ensures a secure fit.

The watch is detailed from all angles.  The face of this particular watch shows the motor which is just too cool!

Jord watch face bestillblogs

Even the back has gorgeous detailed work!

Jord watch back bestillblogs

Hubby was definitely very pleased with his early Christmas gift! (Told you I was awful at waiting 😉 )

Mike closeup Jord watch bestillblogs

Giveaway Details:

The Jord company was amazing enough to put a little give away together for my readers and I couldn’t be happier to share this with you!

To enter, click here.

The form is super simple- just your name, email, and favorite watch!

The winner of the giveaway will receive a $75 e-credit code to use in their shop and what’s also cool is each person who enters gets a $20 e-credit code just for participating- so everyone wins!

**The winner will be automatically selected and notified by email.  The contest will close 11/20 at 11:59pm. Both the $75 and the $20 codes will expire on 2/28/2017.

As always, thanks for stopping by and I hope this gives you a great holiday gift idea for loved ones this year!  Good luck!

bestillblogs Jord Zebrawood and Sandalwood Watch



**This post was sponsored by Jord Wood Watches.

**All opinions are exclusively my own and are honest regardless of sponsorship

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