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Hey everyone!

I just got back from a little mommy getaway!  My mom had a conference to go to in Dallas with some coworkers and asked me if I wanted to tag a long for a little vacay.  I was abolutely sold on the idea when she told me they were leaving a day early to visit the Magnolia Silos!

So, today I’m going to take you on a little tour through the Silos located in Waco, TX.!

Made famous by Joanna and Chip Gaines of the HGTV show Fixer Upper, The Silos are located in the middle of Waco and, of course the first thing you see when you pull up are these two gorgeous, worn, rustic silos:


We went on a Thursday afternoon, so the crowd and parking wasn’t bad!  We ended up parking down the street in a church parking lot for $10.  There is free parking on site, but it fills up quick.

It was also the first day of fall so it just felt like such a perfect day!  I mean, “fall” in Texas is not fall-like at all, but just the knowledge cooler temps are around the corner put even more pep in my step! It was in the 90’s but we are used to functioning in hot weather so it wasn’t too bad!

The first thing you see upon enetering the site is the bakery.  Located at the front entrance, it was filled with people at that point, so we decided to try again after shopping and lunch.



The market was across from the bakery and we made a beeline for it.


Here’s where I inundate you with pictures of the in-store goodies because we all know that’s what we want to see most!

Main shop:

Second half of shop:

There apparently was a second floor???  We did not go as we had no idea until we were leaving and saw some women with a stroller getting off an elevator.  I guess we’ll just have to go back!

I feel it was fairly priced.  With the name they have, they could certainly charge more.  There was a large range in both price and items, so there was something for everyone!

I purchased the following items:


A ‘Magnolia’ tshirt.  I was thinking about the ‘Waco’ tshirt, but have a similar styled ‘Farm’ tshirt from Farmhousebox.


A paper map for hubby.  I plan to frame it with some rustic wood.  I think it will look amazing!


A canvas tote for a friend.  Functional and has their cool seal on it.


And this.  A rustic ‘Vintage’ sign. I could have made something very similiar, BUT, between the cost of items, the time to make it, and the fact that this was a Magnolia sign- it was well worth $50.  I think that’s an incredibly fair price! (Check my Instagram to see how I will eventually add this piece to my decor!)


We took our goodies and walked over the the food truck area and I beelined it to Cheddar Box on a recommendation from a friend. This food truck specializes in gourmet grilled cheese and mac and cheese- need I say more?!


I got the ‘Happy Couple’ which is half a grilled cheese with a watermelon mint salad (so unbelievably refreshing on this hot first day of Fall in Texas!).  The sandwich I went with was ‘The Boss’ which was bacon, gouda and basil on sourdough. SO GOOD.

At that point it was definitely time to try a cupcake at the Silos Baking Co.  We made our way over and the line was a lot better.  As soon as you walk in you are greeted and given an order form to fill out.  We were informed they were out of Cranberry Orange Biscuits, so I’m guessing that’s a popular item!  Luckily we were strictly there on cupcake business.


I was also in need of a coffee, but they had stopped serving coffee at that point (2pm). Just a little FYI if you are in need of a pick me up past the 2pm bakery cut off, they do have a coffee container with the food trucks that I’ll be checking out at our next visit!

I went for the ‘Shiplap’ cupcake which is vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting.  I feel you can tell the quality of a food establishment by the most basic dish!  It was really yummy and how cute is the container it comes in:


The only area we didn’t view was the Magnolia Seed and Supply.  Definitetly will be back for another trip with my Dad who is an avid gardener to check it out!  The grounds around the seed and supply store were gorgeously maintained and it was so nice to take in as we ate lunch:


There you have it!  A quick (kinda) peek into the Magnolia Silos!

Here are a few more shots of the grounds for you to enjoy!


I will absolutely be making another trip with my husband and maybe even a separate trip with just my girlfriends!

Have you been to the Silos?  What was your favorite part?  Did you make any purchases you would highly recommend to others?

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll see you on my next post!




8 thoughts on “Magnolia Silos Visit

  1. LOVE your post!! All the details are beautiful. That “Demo Day” sign though haha Your picks were awesome too! A Magnolia shirt would definitely be on my list & that map & well everything cause let’s be real 😉

    The grounds are gorgeous!! I had no idea there was more than just the market. Thanks for the tour. I can’t wait to see your finds around your beautiful home.

    ♡ Amanda


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