Distressed Chalk Paint Mason Jars DIY


Happy September, everyone!!!

This marks the start of my favorite season, and really just my favorite part of the year! From now until after the holidays I just feel more motivated, and generally happier.

Good stuff.

So we have all seen a surge in the use of mason jars as décor.  I personally love it.  It’s right up my alley with re purposing, and using items a lot of us already have.  You can also use glass pasta sauce jars too, party people!  Don’t throw those guys out!

Another reason I love these so much is because you can use them for so many different things!  Vases, pen or makeup brush holder, store cotton balls and q-tips, or- HELLO- mason jar salads!

One of my favorite things to use them for is general home décor and I love the painted distressed look.  I came across a few different ways to make painted distressed mason jars, but this is the best way in my opinion:

I bought a few different shades of Craft Smart acrylic chalkboard paint from Michael’s.  These guys run you under $2 and are an easy and cheap way to get the chalk paint look.


The absolute easiest way I found is spray painting.  It’s a bit pricier at about $7-$8 a can, but you can’t really find a quicker way to paint these, especially if you have to decorate a bunch for say a wedding or baby shower.  I love using Krylon Chalky Finish and they have a great variety of colors.


Either method used, ensure the jar is clean and free of stickers.  A soak in soapy hot water usually takes care of both issues.

After application of desired paint, let them dry.  It doesn’t take very long.  I usually wait about an hour but really 15 mins and they should be dried for the most part.


I then take some sandpaper and first sand along the rim.  Then I go over the words and design, then along the bottom of the jar.  Distressing around the rest of the jar is really just preference and the nice thing about distressing is you can’t mess it up too much!  If your paint is patchy or you over sand, it’s a pretty quick fix!

I then spray a clear coat and let them sit overnight to ensure everything is dry before use.  My go to clear coat has been the Rustoleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover 2X Clear Spray Paint in Matte.  Make sure it’s Matte to really get that distressed look!


And there you have it!  A super cute, easy way to liven up home or office décor or brighten up a party you’re hosting (how adorable would favors be presented in these?!).


I will just add, even with the clear coat, I would wash these by hand when needed and would not consider them dishwasher safe.

If you like the look of these but crafting is just not your thing, I have any Etsy shop you can check out that carries these awesome multipurpose cuties!

These mason jars are a great fall or holiday craft project to take on.  Let me know if you give it a try, I’d love to see how they come out!

Thanks for stopping by!




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