Wooden ‘Market’ Sign DIY


Hi, guys!  I have another easy DIY project I wanted to share.

I adore the whole rustic, distressed, wooden signs that are everywhere these days.  I’ve made wooden block signs before, so thought I would be able to manage creating a larger sign for the kitchen window.

For this piece I used a 1×6 and cut it down to about 26in to fit in the middle of the space with a bit of room.

After sanding and staining, I weathered the piece by using a technique called “dry brushing” with some flat white paint I had.

This was the result:


I ended up hand sanding it a bit more to give it a faded effect.

Now it came time to decide what word/s to put on the sign!  Originally I wanted either ‘farm’ or ‘farmhouse’ or even ‘fresh eggs.’

Because of the size of the sign, and the size of the stencil letters I had (3in), I needed to come up with something else.  ‘Farm’ was too short, and I knew I wanted to use one of the cute animal stencils I had just purchased, at the bottom of the sign.

Finally I went with ‘market.’ I think it was a cute word to go with, it went with the whole farmhouse style I so love, AND it reallyreallyreally describes what my kitchen is for my kids- an endless, always open, food market.  Amirite, mommas?

First step was stenciling the letters with chalk to ensure I liked the placement:


Once I was happy with the placement and spacing, I lined up the stencil to the chalk letter and went over it with a large chalkboard marker.


I tried to ensure to hold the stencil as steady as possible, but there was still some bleeding.


I used a finer point chalkboard marker to go over the edges.  I didn’t mind some messy edges, because it’s a distressed sign, so you do need some to make it look authentic.  I just wanted controlled chaos if that makes sense 😉

This step is totally not necessary, but it was my preference.


This was what it looked like when all the letters were filled in.


I used a burgundy marker I had to fill in the rooster.  I went back and forth on whether the color of the rooster should match the rest of the wording or if I should go with a red shade.  I’m happy with my decision to go with the burgundy.  Mr. Rooster should stand out a little, and I think it makes it look more realistic! Also, I chose burgundy instead of a true red for a more faded look.

At this point I just went over each letter and the rooster lightly with sandpaper to distress everything and I love the way it turned out!


It’s hard to get a good picture of Mr. Rooster but here he is close up:


I’m really happy with the end result and plan to make more wood signs to place around the house!

Have you made any wooden signs?  What techniques have you found to be the best?  Any tips for lettering?

Thanks for stopping by to hang out with me!

Off to work on the next project!




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