Boxwood Wreath Tutorial


I may or may not have a slight new obsession with boxwood wreaths.

It’s like listening to a Taylor Swift song- it’s everywhere and sooner or later you can’t get it out of your head.

I made a super awesome wall décor piece made from reclaimed wood for over our fireplace and knew this would be the perfect opportunity to use a boxwood wreath as its finishing touch.

I purchased the following items at Michael’s:

  • Boxwood garland (about $18 but used a half off coupon WHOOP! Ended up being about $9)
  • 14’ grapevine wreath ($4.99)
  • Floral wire with attached cutter ($3.49)

That’s all you need, sister! It comes to about $18, BUT you really only end up using half the garland and have plenty of the floral wire left over to make more wreaths! So really about $10 made this wreath.


I first plucked a bunch of pieces off the garland then picked a starting point.  I twisted the wire around the grapevine wreath FIRST, and then added a piece of the garland on top securing with the wire and trying to make the wire as hidden as possible.


I placed another piece of garland behind the first, facing the same direction.

bwsecond piecews

There is clearly space between the pieces, but my main goal was to get the “base” of the wreath done, then go back and fill it in to make it as full as I wanted.

The technique I used makes a more natural, messy looking wreath, but if you desire something a bit cleaner you can certainly wrap the wire around the individual stems and attach to the grapevine wreath to create a neater look.  The other great thing is that you can make this wreath as full or as sparse as you want!

I hung it up on the wooden décor piece a few times to see what it would look like, and took it down to add and rearrange stems.

This is what I ended up with:



I absolutely adore how it turned out!!!

I have made another smaller wreath project I will share on the blog soon, and am so pleased with the look I am able to get in our home with the addition of these wreaths!

Please share any tips or tricks you have in making wreaths, as well as pictures of boxwood wreaths you have created!




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